Welcome to Graffiti 925

We hope you enjoy wandering through our wold of jewellery art. The essence of inspiration is difficult to capture...we hope the verse you read here in some small way helps you to visualize that concept. Our jewellery is not just adornments of sterling silver and gold...it is a feeling and a statement. All jewellery is made-to-order and options for customizing to your tastes are nearly endless. xosusie

A message from the Artist:


For me, it's all about the stories and the silver.

Life gives us both the shining moments and the not so shining moments.  But it is all still just a story…and our stories will be told for generations to come, no matter their successes, no matter their challenges.

I tell stories with silver jewellery and that jewellery is my passion.

Someone once asked me to describe what it felt like to be possessed by a passion…and I could barely find the words to justly describe what it means to me…I think passion chooses you…I think you are born with it and you have little choice but to follow its path…there is glory in it and there is pain…both so very sweet.

When you wear my jewellery, you wear your story. Whether it be a custom piece I have crafted for you, or a piece that resonates just for you. It is yours and it will stay with you and with your legacy for eternity. 

This is who I am. 

Susan Macpherson.   


Quotes we Love

  • "Bask in beauty, breathe in love, dwell in possibility & the whole world conspires to delight you. "

  • "Everyday God gives us the sun, and also one moment in which we have the ability to change everything. "

    Paul Coelo
  • "Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence. "

    Robert Fripp

Studio Moments


Stay tuned for photos of Susie in the Studio.

Creative Process

  • 01


    It swirls in your mind and will not leave.

  • 02


    Is it a bracelet, a ring, a necklace?

  • 03


    Is it delicate? Bold? or somewhere in-between? Is it for you, for her, for him? Tell me what it feels like?

  • 04


    Give me your magic and I will give you form.

  • 05


    Will it rest easy, will it rest high..does it feel right? When is it finished, it will always be fine.